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Voice Fit

We have now teamed up with Voice Fit in order to supply our clients with the full spectrum of vocal care.

Here at Melody Matters we are fully trained vocal coaches and whilst we strive to help clients maintain a solid safe singing technique we are not doctors, this is where Voice Fit comes in. They are experts in their field, VoiceFit provides specialist speech and language therapy services for clients with voice and upper airway disorders. VoiceFit collaborates with ENT Laryngologists, respiratory physicians and vocal coaches to provide holistic treatment for voice quality change, chronic cough and throat discomfort.

VoiceFit also provides voice disorder prevention training to professional voice users. What this means is that when we do encounter singers with voice problems, and we do, we are now able to pass them over to Voice Fit who will be able deal with any serious issues.


This is really great news for all of our clients as you can now be sure that you are in the best hands when it comes to fixing, maintaining and growing your voice.

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Giving Voice
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