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"The human voice is the most beautiful instrument of them all but it is also the most difficult to play"

~Richard Strauss


As a professional vox coach of over 15 years I have worked with some of the leading figures within the industry, such as Line Hilton, Joshua Alamu, Guy Babusek, and Carrie Grant.


Through my home studio and company Melody Matters, I currently coach Grammy Award Winners, professional, intermediate, and beginners from all over the United States, South America, UK, Europe, and Australia.


The techniques that I teach are relied heavily upon scientific research and are based solely on vocal anatomy, unlike the vast majority of coaches, who favour a less targeted approach. Many singers often wonder why their voice sounds great one day and inconsistent or bad the next. This is solely down to technique and without one you will never achieve consistency and confidence.


My aim is to strip away the guess work and focus on what is actually going within the anatomy of the larynx and work out how the client can best ‘connect’ their vocal folds.

In order to do this we need isolate two muscle groups, the Cricothyroid (CT) and the Thyroarytenoid (TA) muscles whose jobs are directly related to high notes and low notes.

When we understand the operation of these muscles, it quickly becomes apparent that there is no up or down when using the voice as a singing instrument, merely forward and back


Educating the client on these functions is paramount to understanding in how we can operate the voice in a neutral and balanced manner without tension or loss of both performance and function. This is often referred to as ‘Low Larynx Technique’ and something that I specialise in. This is widely believed to be the most comprehensive singing technique adopted by modern professional singers in the world today.


The success of the individual with regards to understanding and demonstrating these techniques is largely based upon practice and solid instruction.

Get in touch for a free 45 minute consultation where we can discuss exactly what it is that you would like to achieve from your sessions with us. We are able to help you if you just simply want to learn to sing or if you are professional with technique or performance problems. 

Free 45 Minute Consultation

   30 Minute Session - £30

  1 Hour Session - £45

*24 hr cancellation policy


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