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Cardiff based vocal coach Benn Willis has worked with beginners to Grammy award winners. Melody Matters provides clients with the most contemporary and scientifically proven voice and singing techniques recognised in the industry today. With over 20 years experience working with some of the most respected vocal coaches in the world, Benn is unparalleled in his approach towards technical singing and vocal enhancement.

Amy Wadge & Ed Sheeran
Tom McRae Singer
Carrie Grant Vocal Coach

"I have known Benn for many years. We have gigged together and written songs together. Not only is Benn a fantastic musician and songwriter but he is a brilliant vocalist with the ability to adapt to all sorts of genres. His energy and passion for what he does is infectious so anyone who is lucky enough to be taught by him will no doubt learn a great deal"

~Amy Wadge

(Grammy award winner Co-writer Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran)

Warner Chappell Publishing

"He has the kind of voice that you can just happily drift away with. It just occupies the space brilliantly. 

A truly great singer and lovely songwriter"

~Tom McRae

(Brit Award  & Mercury Nominee)


"Benn and I worked together for season 1 of the'The Fame Academy' and not only does he have a superb vocal instrument but an incredible passion for what he does"

~Carrie Grant

(Voice coach for Fame Academy & The X Factor)



"Benn is a truly great coach! If you're looking to improve or fix your voice then he really is an excellent choice"

- Joshua Alamu (Voice coach for Little Mix and Rita Ora)

"Anyone who is lucky enough to be taught by him will no doubt learn a great deal"

- Amy Wadge (Grammy Award Winner)

"An excellent teacher who has worked with a huge amount of successful singers"

- A Lawson - (Fieldgate Studios)

“As a highly experienced professional musician and dedicated vocal coach Benn brings to his clients incredible industry value and attention to detail.”

- Line Hilton (World Renowned Vocal Coach)

"He provides a fantastic service whilst eliminating the need to over complicate things"

- Harry Leckstein (Tileyard Studio London)

"One of the most unique voices I have ever heard"

- Steve Lillywhite (Producer for U2, Chris Cornell)

"As one of the UK's leading language & speech therapists we see a lot of problem voices. Anything singing related we refer them to Benn"

- Tor Spence (Voicefit UK)

"A superb vocalist"

- Gary Katz (American Record Producer for Steely Dan)

"Benn has provided top quality singing coaching to many of our clients, we wouldn't use anybody else"

- Carole Blade (Sound Progression Ltd)

"After years of struggling with consistency Benn, put that right. Highly recommended!"

- J Marshall (Singer/songwriter, Denver, Colorado, Parlophone Records)

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